Top 10 Coldest Places In India || Plan your Summer Trip

Do you know which Indian cities, villages or towns are the coldest places in India? At these places, you can feel the lowest temperature even during the Summer season? Scorching heat, sweaty clothes, an everlasting headache and will to go somewhere cold and never return.

India is diverse in its culture and climate both. While some of the parts of the country witness simmering heat during summers, some parts remain cold throughout the year. We have made a list of some of the coldest places in India which could be your next destination for summer vacations.

Top 10 Coldest Places In India

So Here is the list where you must visit before die to feel chiller.

1. Dras: One of The Most Coldest Places in India

Dras, is a small township situated about 60 km away from Kargil, on the road to Srinagar. Dras is widely recognized as the second coldest inhabited place in the world. Dras is popularly known as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’. The small town is situated at a height of 3230 meters ie 10,990 feet above sea level. During winters, mercury level in the Dras region can plummet to as low as -45 degree Celsius. Dras got an 1 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

State: Jammu and Kashmir
District: Kargil
Elevation: 3,280 m (10,760 ft)
Climate: Average. Summer temperature: 15 °C; Winter temperature: −45 °C
Languages: Urdu

2.  Ladakh

Ladakh is also in Jammu and Kashmir and is located at the height of 3,500 m (11,500 ft). Ladakh is a very popular tourist destination. As much as it is rich in culture and history, it makes an ideal place to visit in summer in India where a temperature of 7°cis nothing extraordinary. Leh got an 2 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

The temperature during summer rise to 33 °C, and during winter it drops to −42 °C. Some of the languages spoken in this region include English, Ladakhi, and Urdu. It is one of the most popular holiday destination in India. Shanti StupaLeh PalacePangong lake and a multitude of other lakes and monasteries make Leh a must visit.

State: Jammu and Kashmir
Area: 45,110 km²
Elevation: 3,500 m (11,500 ft)
Climate: Average. Summer temperature: 33 °C; Winter temperature: −42 °C
Languages: English, Ladakhi, Urdu

3. Rohtang Pass

The name Rohtang means ‘ground of corpses‘ due to the number of people who lost their lives while crossing this difficult mountain range. Located at a height of 3979 meters and at a distance of 51 km’s from Manali, Rohtang Pass is on the highway to Keylong/Leh. In winters, the pass remains closed but is open from June to October for motor vehicles. This pass is a gateway to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley.

The best time to visit the pass is from May/June to October/November. In the month of May, Rohtang becomes a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts. Tourists can go for various thrilling activities like snow scooter, skiing and mountain biking. Nature lovers can enjoy beautiful views of glaciers, peaks and Chandra river that flows down in the Lahaul valley.

There is a waterfall named as Rahala, which is located at a distance of 16 km’s from Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass. This waterfall flows down from an altitude of 2,500 meters and looks amazingly wonderful.This mountain slope is so beautiful that people from every corner of the country visit this place to take part in adventure sports such as skiing, ice-skating, paragliding, etc.

The first part of the popular song ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye‘ from the romantic movie Jab We Met was shot at Rohtang Pass. Rohtang pass got an 3 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

  • ALTITUDE:- 2050 m
  • PIN CODE:- 175131
  • BEST SEASON:- Sep – June
  • LANGUAGES:- Pahari, Hindi, English
  • STATE:- Himachal Pradesh
  • WEATHER:- Summer 23 to 36°C, Winter -1 to 18°C
  • District: Kullu

Still packing your bags? Cool, we like your spirit. Have a safe trip.

4. Srinagar

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and was founded by Ashoka the Great. It is situated at the height of 1,585 m (5,200 ft). The temperature hovers around 27.1 °C during the summer, and the winter sees -2.5 °C. The languages spoken include Urdu and Kashmiri. It is an ideal place for celebrating honeymoon for young couples or families can visit for the beauty. Kashmir is a place too magical for anyone not to be mesmerized by her beauty. It is rightfully called “paradise” on earth.

State: Jammu and Kashmir
Founded by: Ashoka the Great
Area: 294 km2 (114 sq mi)
Elevation: 1,585 m (5,200 ft)
Climate: Average Summer Temperature: 27.1 °C; Winter temperature: -2.5 °C
Languages: Urdu, Kashmiri

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5. Keylong

The Keylong is located in Himachal Pradesh and Situated at a height of 3440 m (10,100 ft),  The average temperature during the summer is 25 °C and during the winter sees it at -2 °C. it is the most populated place in Lahaul region. There are about 250 houses and all government offices exist in the locality. This is a major hub for Lahaul region as buses to other destinations start from here.

Lush greenery, streams and snow capped mountains and buddhist monastries add a spiritual aura to the spectacular beauty of the surrounding valley. Keylong is famous for its monasteries that are considered as the symbol of the architectural excellence.

Carpets, shawls, caps, footwear, natural oil (olive and almond), woolen jackets, metal crafts and bamboo products are worth buying from Keylong.  After India had won her independence, Himachal Pradesh was declared a state and Lahaul a district in Himachal Pradesh. Keylong was named the district’s headquarters. As per our record and analyze Keylong got an 5 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Lahaul and Spiti
Elevation: 3,080 m (10,100 ft)
Climate: Average Summer temperature: 25 °C; Winter temperature: -2 °C
Languages: Hindi

6. Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and located at the height of 1,600 m (5,200 ft). The average temperature during summer is 22 °C and winter is 4 °C. One of the cleanest places in India. Availability of good food and music in pubs and restaurants. Good weather with spectacular views all around. Culture and heritage. Pilgrim site for Buddhists.

Located right in the middle of the Himalayan range, Gangtok is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the whole of India. It presents the perfect image of India’s great and varied topography. This holds true for most parts of Sikkim. Gangtok got an 6 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

State: Sikkim
Area: 35 km2 (14 sq mi)
Elevation: 1,600 m (5,200 ft)
Climate: Average Summer Temperature: 22 °C; Winter temperature: 4 °C
Languages: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Limbu, Newari, Rai, Gurung, Mangar, Sherpa, Tamang, Sunwar, Tibetans and Hindi

7. Shimla

it is Situated at a height of 2200 m, Shimla is one of the most eminent tourist destination in the country. Set amidst beautiful hills and mystical woods, Shimla is one of most aesthetically planned cities in India. the most popular hill station in northern India, Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh famous for its Mall Road, the Ridge, toy train etc. among honeymooners and families alike.

the most popular hill station in northern India, Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh famous for its Mall Road, the Ridge, toy train etc. among honeymooners and families alike. Shimla is made with full of beauty so Shimla got an 7 position in the list of top 10 coldest places in India.

Shimla is also used as a base to cover other nearby places like Chail, Kufri, Naldehra, Mashobra, Tattapani, and Narkanda. The toy train to Shimla from Kalka passes through beautiful hills and valleys and is one of the most beautiful train routes in the world.

State: Himachal Pradesh
Area: 25 km2 (10 sq mi)
Elevation: 2,205 m (7,234 ft)
Climate: Average Summer temperature: 19-28 °C; Winter temperature: -1 to 10 °C
Languages: Hindi

8. Manali

Manali Situated at a height of 6260 feet above sea level, Manali is one of the most popular, beautiful and awe-inspiring hill stations in this country. From Punjabi and south Indian to Italian, Tibetan, and Chinese, Manali has a large variety of food options. The mall road in Manali offers roadside food stalls and lavish restaurants. Couple it with the silent watch of Nature over mere mortals in Manali and the wish to stay in here gets deeper.

A part of Beas River Valley, Manali is situated at an altitude of more than 2000 m from where the eyes fall on the views of forests, orchards, river, mountains ranges and more, for nothing but sheer visual delight. The place once used to serve trade purposes via Manal – Leh route; now the same route is used for the purpose of adventure mainly for the bikers and jeep riders.


The average minimum and maximum temperature of Manali is as given below. The best time to visit Manali is also specified.

May        ✔1527
June        ✔1528
July        ✔1326
August        ✔1226
September        ✔ 1225
October        ✔1023


State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Kullu
Elevation: 2,050 m (6,730 ft)
Climate: Average Summer Temperature: 4-15 °C; Winter temperature: -15 to 5 °C
Languages: Hindi

9. Mussoorie

It is known as the “The queen of hill stations“. Situated at an altitude of 6000 ft. , Mussoorie is a popular hill station famous for its colonial heritage and its religious sites. It is about 35 km from the state capital of Dehradun and 290 km north of the national capital of New Delhi.

There are several budgets, mid range and luxury hotels and resorts in Mussoorie. However, what’s even better is you can book the traditional Heritage hotel all for yourself. In Mussoorie, you will find both natures at work with beautiful waterfalls and sceneries as well as an architectural marvel of colonial buildings.

State: Uttarakhand
District: Dehradun
Elevation: 2,005.5 m (6,579.7 ft)
Climate: Average Summer Temperature: 24-35 °C; Winter temperature: 1 to 20 °C
Languages: Hindi, Garhwali, Hindi, Jaunsari, English

10. McLeod Ganj

Mcleodganj is a hill station near Dharamshala, popular among trekkers. Its culture is a beautiful blend of Tibetan with some British influence. Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru allowed the Dalai Lama and his followers to settle in McLeodGanj. The McLeod Ganj is part of Himachal Pradesh, and it is located at the height of 2,004 m (6,575 ft). The temperature during the summer season can be recorded between 25 to 36 °C, and during the winter months, it drops to 1 to 10 °C.

Mcleodganj is a beautiful town situated near upper Dharamsala. The towns of Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Nag and Kangra are situated very close to each other and tourists must cover all these destinations while traveling here. Tourists must also visit the scenic Dal Lake and Triund, which are apt for quiet picnics.

State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Kangra
Elevation: 2,004 m (6,575 ft)
Climate: Average Summer Temperature: 25 to 36 °C; Winter temperature: -1 to 17 °C
Languages: Hindi, English, Tibetan, Pahari

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