Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World 2017

Do You know “Which country has the Powerful Militaries in 2017?”. Ranking based on multiple factors, including each country’s military budget, a number of aircraft carriers, available manpower and labor force.

They measure 50 different stats about a country – including each country’s military budget, a number of aircraft carriers, available manpower, and labor force, to produce a Power Index, in which lower numbers equal more firepower.

Here is a list of 10 Most Powerful Militaries in 2017

Below are the top 10 most powerful militaries in the world according to the 2017 rankings.

10. Italian Army (Italy)

italy army

Italian forces have gotten much better in the last few decades thanks to interventions in foreign lands (Somalia, Yugoslavia) which gave Italy real combat experience.

Their military placed highly on the report due to the country’s possession of two active aircraft carriers.

These carriers, in addition to the country’s relatively large submarine and attack helicopter fleets, drastically boosted Italy’s ranking.

Budget: $34 billion
Active Military Personnel: 320,000
Total Tanks: 586
Total Aircraft: 785
Total Naval Strength: 179
Aircraft Carriers: 2

9. Bundeswehr (German Army)

German Army

Officially established on 12 November 1955, the Federal Defense Force of Germany is also known as Bundeswehr.

2017 Germany Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.2609
Defense Budget: $39,200,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 180,000
Labor Force: 45,300,000
Total Aircraft: 698
Total Naval Strength: 81

8. Turkish Armed Forces (Turkey Army)

Turkey Army

Turkey Army Forces is a Very experienced and very well trained, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) holds a reputable position in the list of global military powers. Turkey Army is the most powerful Muslim country in the world has the 8th most powerful military.  It is the second largest standing force in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) after the United States of America.

2017 Turkish Armed Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.2491
Defense Budget: $8,208,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 382,850
Labor Force: 30,240,000
Total Aircraft: 1,018
Total Naval Strength: 194

7. Japan Self-Defense Forces (Japan)

japan army

Even though Japan has officially renounced its right to declare war, it maintains a modern military that is extremely well equipped.

Japan could be a top-four military power if their constitution would allow them to also be an offensive force, not only defensive.

2017 Japan Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.2137
Defense Budget: $43,800,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 248,575
Labor Force: 65,930,000
Total Aircraft: 1,594
Total Naval Strength: 131

6. British Armed Forces (United Kingdom)

British Army

the British Armed Forces are a purely professional force and have the third highest defense expenditure of any military in the world. The British Armed Forces are charged with protecting the United Kingdom and its overseas territories.  the United Kingdom still has one of the most powerful militaries in the world, partially due to their diversity in recruitment pools.  it has a small overall navy for an island nation at 76 total ships and its total armored vehicles, counting its 250 tanks, is just a hair over 6,000.

2017 United Kingdom Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.2131
Defense Budget: $45,700,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 151,175
Labor Force: 33,170,000
Total Aircraft: 856
Total Naval Strength: 76

5. French Armed Forces (France)

French Armed Forces


French Armed Forces are the largest in terms of manpower and the third highest in NATO. Being as the third largest nuclear power in the world, the total number of military personnel is 352,000. The forces of the French military (active and combined) reach just over 400,000 and nearly 1,300 aircraft.

2017 France Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.1914
Defense Budget: $35,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 204,000
Labor Force: 30,480,000
Total Aircraft:1,305
Total Naval Strength: 118

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4. Indian Armed Forces (India Army)

Indian Army

According to a report published by the US Congress, India is the developing world’s leading arms purchaser and has immense potential to emerge as the most powerful contestant in the list of military powers of the world. With a budget of over $53 Billion and an air force of over 2,000 aircraft followed by a navy holding just shy of 300 ships, India does everything big.

India at a time of writing has by far the largest volunteer army of any nation of the world, and has proven time and time again they know how to use it.

Russia, Europe, and the United States all sell their military hardware to India.

2017 India Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.1593
Defense Budget: $51,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,362,500
Labor Force: 513,700,000
Total Aircraft: 2,102
Total Naval Strength: 295

3. People’s Liberation Army (China)

china army

China has the world’s largest population at 1.4 billion and its largest military population at 3.7 million with 2.2 million of those being active troops. Those millions of men and women are equipped with almost 3,000 aircraft, 13,000 armored vehicles, and 714 ships. China spends a lot on defense budgets. china is the second largest spender in the world on defense.

2017 China Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.0945
Defense Budget: $161,700,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 2,260,000
Labor Force: 805,900,000
Total Aircraft: 2,955
Total Naval Strength: 714

2. Armed Force of Russian Federation (Russia)

russian army

Russia Army having about 3,800 planes, 5,600 armored vehicles, and 282 warships, 15,000 tanks, and 8,500 nuclear weapons. Russia comes in at second mostly because they possess the most number of tanks as well as nuclear warheads in the world. Russian Government Spending about $200 billions on development and production of military equipment From 2006-2015.

2017 Russia Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.0929
Defense Budget: $44,600,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 798,527
Labor Force: 77,410,000
Total Aircraft: 3,794
Total Naval Strength: 352

1. United States Armed Forces (America)

us army

Now, here comes to the best of this list “American Army“. The U.S. armed forces as a whole possess large quantities of advanced and powerful equipment. The United States Armed Forces has played a decisive role in the history of World. Possession of over 7000 nuclear weapons, 13000 weaponized aircraft and a spending of over $600 billion a year on defense makes the US the most powerful military in the world.

2017 United States Military Strength:
Power Index: 0.0857
Defense Budget: $587,800,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,373,650
Labor Force: 158,600,000
Total Aircraft: 13,762
Total Naval Strength: 415

Here is a chart to compare the top 25 most powerful militaries in 2017, according to the Global Firepower Index.

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