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Are you searching for the best extensions for chrome in 2017!!

Best extensions for chrome in 2017 

We all know that we love top chrome extensions  google chrome has a clean and easy user interface fast & light. There is something else that best top google chrome extension is the best and more popular browser out there!!

Top chrome extensions  that we love to boost our productivity and get more work.  Google’s browser also benefits from plenty of useful extensions available on the chrome web store.


Hiver is the best chrome productivity chrome extensions that turns gmail into your team’s productivity center. It adds wealth of tools to gmail such as shared mailbox system, shared labels and tasks for building a task management system right within gmail, and an email notes system for adding comments, thoughts and other info in shared email threads. Other tools include a send letter of feature email templates, sharing contacts, snoozing messaging, and a collision detection system to show when others are working on the same email.                                                                                                                        Get Hiver from chrome

Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a best extensions for chrome and most popular adblockers online. In your browser loading preset filters lists that allow users to quickly blocks the most ads, as well as the option to filer malware and social media buttons. Users can choose aditional blocks lists as well as to filter or whitelists. Adblocks plus allows what it calls “no – advertising” through filters, which may irk some users, though this can be disabled in settings.                                                                                                                   Get Adblock Plus from chrome

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is exactly what it says on the tin: an offline tool for users to view the contents of their mail inboxes, as well as type up messages and queue them for delivery the next time there’s a network connection. That’s why they are in, best chrome extensions.             Get Gamil Offline from chrome

Send to kindle

Amazon’s kindle devices and readings app are great for reading ebooks, longtype articles as well.  The Send To Kindle extension for Chrome lets you send entire articles, text snippets, and other web content straight to your Kindle account, reader-friendly format that you can then peruse at your leisure from a Kindle reader or app. Get Send to Kindle from chrome

Now link shortens are an online convenience which makes a simpler to deal with big URLs. A shortern link can  take you who knows is a Chrome extension that takes you to an in-between page when you click on a shortened link, displaying the URL where the link shortener is redirecting you to, as well as warning you of any known associated malware and tracking cookies. Get from chrome That’s why they are in ‘best extension for chrome’.


A Chrome extension that pulls your incoming tasks and notifications from more than 40 Web tools and services. Basically taco works with a variety of services such as Asana, Todiost,Google task and icloud. Users can drag and drop to organize the task list,mark tasks as done and hide notifications. It’s a great way to see everything you need in one page.                                                                                                                        Get Taco from chrome


Honey i love this useful chrome extension tired of tracking down and saving coupons codes and discounts? Then honey might be a chrome extension for you honey automatically can finds and test coupons codes for more than 100 stores in United States, Canda and United Kingdom. Go for your shopping as normal and on checkout hit the finds savings button in order to have honey track down and attempt to apply coupon codes. Heavy online shoppers will save both time and money with this useful addon.                  Get Honey from chrome

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This is the SEOmoz you already might be expected to this be on list of best extension for chrome.However seomoz has done best job with this best productivity chrome extensions plugin. Member of moz i used it daily and now that i’m a pro member it’s always on it. Note: I’m not just saying this to get my blog post boosted to the main blog (wink wink), but it really is the best tool Get MozBar from chrome out there and an essential for tool any aspiring SEO.

SEO Site tools

SEO Site Tools is an all inclusive powerhouse of SEO information. Here are the sections :

  • Page elements
  • External page data
  • Social media
  • Tools
  • Domain Information
  • Suggestions

Get Seo site tool from chrome These unique features including and highlighting your domains in Google search, trend data in Google webmaster tools, and Social Media stats in Google Analytics.


All the users get down & dirty with your code or your competitor’s code. You will be able tp find the tweaks and tags that can boost your rankings.                                                 Get Firebug from chrome

Screen capture by (Google)

No more CTRL+ALT+PRTSCN, this simple tool by Google let’s you highlight the section of the page you want, highlight the visible area, or highlight the whole page (can’t do that with PRTSCN – that I know of). After you select, annotate, highlight, mark it up however you’d like and then email it to that lazy coworker who can’t find the broken link or misspelled keyword. Get Screen capture from chrome That’s why they are in best extensions for chrome.

Google Reader

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of information out there for SEO, it’s a highly dynamic industry and you need to be on top of your game to stay in it. Get Google reader from chrome Google reader is the essential tool.

IE Tab

IE Tab allows you to browse the web as if you were using IE. I use this extension at least twice a day to confirm page appearance, double check a ranking, or if Chrome is having an issue with loading a page. Get IE Tab from chrome

WP Smush

WP Smush productivity extensions for chrome lets you compress JPEG, GIF and PNG images up to 32MB individually or in bulk using our dedicated smushing servers The plugin work by stripping meta data from JPEG files, optimizing JPEG compression, converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs and stripping the un-used colors from indexed images. With WP Smush, you can set up automated smushing so all of your new images are automatically compressed when uploaded to your site. WP Smush plugin best extensions for chrome is also compatible with NextGEN Gallery and WP Retina 2x for high quality image display with the smallest possible file size.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically and losslessly optimizes your images as you upload them to your site. It can also optimize images that you have previously uploaded. Another best feature of this top chrome extension plugin its ability to convert your images to the files formats that produces the smallest size. It can also optionally apply lossy reductions for PNG images.


If you take adaptive design seriously, you might want to consider using Hammy. This plugin takes your images and regenerates a number of smaller sized images. So when a visitors arrives on yours site, they see the most appropriate sized image (or the smallest one possible). This makes for a better and faster experience, especially for mobile users


Boomerang is an best google extensions that allows you to schedule emails to automatically sends in the future, so you can automate sending. With Boomerang, you can also postpone incoming emails by making them disappear from your inbox into a folder or label, then bringing them back to the top of the message list at the specified time. It can even alert you if you do not receive a reply to a message. Get Boomerang from chrome


Disconnect is a very best extensions for chrome & powerful browser add on for Chrome that allows users to see advertisments, web analytics & social media tracking cookies, with the option of disabling them global. The chrome extensions comes with a host features, including the ability to create whitelists and blacklists of permitted trackers, a visualization tools for listing the trackers on a particular site and indicator of how much time and bandwith is saved by other elements. Get Disconnect from chrome

Turn Off Lights

Turn Off lights best extensions for chrome provide you with atomspheric lighting for your online video viewing on chrome browser. As if you know it’s very simplest, you can set Turn off lights automatically down and your window background using youtube or other video sites.  Get Turn off lights from chrome

Video Stream

VideoStream is best chrome extension which is allows you to stream videos from your computer straight to your Android TV without having to mess around with media server software. Video stream supports subtitles and a wide variety of video formats at all full 1080p resolutions. It’s suprisingly capable video player for best browsers top extensions for chrome. Premium users can set up playlists and others premium features and mobile remote apps provide playback control and library navigation.                                          Get Video stream from chrome

Data Saver

Data saver is basically data compression for new efficient browsing basically something a new, built in some browsers like opera. Chrome users can enjoy bandwith savings with google’s data saver extension, google server compress website data before sending it’s displayed, which can lead to large data savings. Users can choose further details as how much data they are saving consuming over the time. Get Data saver from chrome


Best extensions for chrome plugin noisli is a website where you can play noisli can help calm you down or promote focus and clarity. The noisli can add on for chrome extensions turns their site’s ambient noise features into a bulit in element of your browser. Users can save their favorite ambient sound mixes on nosili and then quiclky fire them up in the add-on. Get Noisli from chrome The “best extension for chrome” includes a timer and volume control.


Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover and recommend the stories that interest you. When you are browsing the internet, you can use pocket to save everything that you want to reference later – whether it’s a web article, product you might buy, or just a link to access on another device. Get Pocket from chrome It is one of the most useful Chrome extensions out there!!


Hunter is the easiest way to find email addresses from anywhere on the web! It is extremely simple. Get Hunter from chrome

With a single click you will be able to:

  1. Get email addresses from any website
  2. find email addresses on LinkedIn profiles
  3. save a list of emails from LinkedIn search pages and profiles.


Grammarly helps you find and fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Whether it’s an email, social media post, blog- this is a great tool to double check your work, especially if you have a small team of copy editors. This isn’t your average spell checker. It helps you make your writing clear and compelling by improving your word choices and style. It even provides vocabulary suggestions, and checks your text for plagiarism. Get Grammarly from chrome

Well, there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our best extensions for chrome and try some for yourself. Cheers to your day!! Get Grammarly from chrome.




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